How to interpret outbound route 108/N108 with 2 "routes"?

Hi team. We have difficulty with loading route 108/N108. Outbound route file contains two routes with minor variation in timeToArrival and frequencies (see: []).

Both seems to have same sequence of stations. The question is what is a meaning of having 2 routes and how to interpret them while loading? Is it as simple as loading both in the same timetable and displaying them together? Or we shall separate these two routes and display them as two timetables?
Thank you in advance!

Tricky beast, the 108. When other of both of the Blackwall Tunnel bores it is closed, the route may be diverted (stopping or non-stop?) via Tower Bridge or (during Jubilee Line opening hours) split into two. In pre-Covid times it also had one way extras at O2 kicking out time from North Greenwich to Lewisham. Taken together this may explain the multiplicity of routeings and why they sometimes only affect one direction and/or certain days of the week.

As to what to do with the data, I suppose that depends on what you are trying to achieve. If your end-users are passengers (oops, sorry - customers) they would presumably want to see results for every variation of 108 together

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