iBus "VehicleID"?

Hi TfL Team,

Could someone confirm the iBus VehicleID blocks for each operator please? These are the highest and lowest I’ve noted so far for each, I’m just wondering if, for example, Arriva could go higher than 4241 or Stagecoach lower than 5201?

Operator Start ID End ID
Arriva 601 4241
Stagecoach 5201 7498
Go-Ahead (1) 7501 9850
Metroline (1) 9851 12099
RATP 14201 16050
Abellio 16051 17000
Go-Ahead (2) 17951 18350
SullivanBuses 18351 18433
Uno 18452 18474
Metroline (2) 19231 19716
Trams 21075 21086

(I’m also curious as to why Go-Ahead London vehicles get renumbered between their two ranges when moving between Orpington/Croydon and the rest of Go-Ahead London but Metroline doesn’t seem to suffer the same problem and yet they have two ranges too?)

Thanks in advance,


@SJCooper Just a guess but you’re probably going to have to use an FoI request to get something like that. This forum is for technical support.

Or I could point to the Countdown API developer documentation that listed the iBus VehicleIDs for the River Bus services…

It just so happens that this is so I can automatically assign a vehicle to an operator based on the range it’s VehicleID sits in, so this data seems like a bit of a glaring omission to the said documentation to me! :wink: )

(And is this forum just for technical support? I mean, look at the descriptions for the message categories…)


@SJCooper Well I guess you can hang on and see if something magically happens!