Incorrect DestinationText for bus route 97

In the countdown feed, the DestinationText field for route 97 is “Startford City” (whereas DestinationName is “Stratford City”).

It’s worth pointing out that the countdown boards are also displaying the wrong destination name. Call centre was advised, but they didn’t seem to care really.

I guess that can join the 341 which goes to a non-existant place, Angel Road Superstores.

It’s called Meridian Water now!

Hi @Mulder

The Countdown feed shows the 97 terminus to be Stratford City correctly now. Are you still seeing it incorrectly at the bus stops?

@briantist - I’ll confirm with the buses teams, but I believe the Angel Road vehicle destination text is correct as it is referring to the superstore there (Tesco) on Angel Road. I think it is only the national rail station there that has moved.


Not a techie matter but it is not the best choice of destination name given that the 341 goes through Angel, Islington! Not many in central London would have heard of Angel Road but probably even fewer have heard of Meridian Water.

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The project for the Merdiain Water area has a website here

The PDF for the “Masterplan” from Enfield Coucil is here

As I said, Angel Road station has been removed (yellow highlight). The buses don’t stop on Angel Road, but all terminate on Glover Drive (green). The area in purple is the Meridian Water new neightbourhood.

I can’t find anything that refers to the areas as “Angel Road Superstores”. The two main places here call themselves “Ikea Tottenham” and “Tesco Lea Valley Extra”.

I think it would be very helpful if the buses stated their destinations as Meridian Water, as they stop in the area AND less than 30 seconds walk from the lovely new station. The new rail station will have a turn-up-and-go Overground-style service (to Stratford via Tottenham Hale) from the first week of September too.

Also… I bet 99% of people see “Angel Road” and think it’s in Islington.

It’s 82 meters from the station to the arrival bus stop.

Hi @briantist,

I’ve confirmed with the Journey Planner team that the destination name matches the bus-blind data that we have been given by Surface Transport.

On the blind it should look something like this:

Northumberland Park

(Northumberland Park would be much larger!)

I know it is Surface Transport’s policy not to name stops after business names, so Tesco or Ikea would not be suitable for a stop name.

We’ll send this query to Surface anyhow and let you know what they say


Thanks. I await their reply with … anticipation


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I guess that’s why bus stop 490G00004962 is named “Chalk Farm / Morrisons” ?

Also any number of xxx / Tesco and xxx / Sainsbury’s, Ikea Brent Park and, I think, the odd xxx / Co-op…

There are 25 stops called “Sainsburys”, 9 called “Asda”, 4 “Morrisons”, 4 with “Ikea”, 2 “John Lewis”. But it would seem that “Waitrose”, “Lidl” or “Aldi” are all Pointless answers…

At least one of these is a destination that you can see on the bus blind (" 145 # Towards Dagenham, Asda From: Leytonstone Station To: Dagenham Asda")

I think there may have been a similar policy on pub names. I can see why as pubs close and change names all too frequently. “Coulsdon, Red Lion” was used for some years after the pub closed, while in Palmers Green the Cock became the Manhattan which became the Faltering Fullback which became a shop.

Any policy needs to be tempered with commonsense though and where destinations are stores in the middle of nowhere it surely makes sense to use the description that will make it clearest. “Angel Road Superstores” is far less clear than “Angel Road IKEA” or even “Edmonton IKEA”, the latter being the way people usually refer to the store. IKEA better than Tesco because there are far fewer of them.

At least qualifiers are allowed now. The policy a few years back seemed to be to eliminate them even when that meant you had no idea which side of town it terminated on.

The inocrrect spelling is back again - the 97 and 388 are showing towards “Startford City”.

hi @Mulder

We’re currently showing the destination as Stratford City correctly (and this comes from the same system).

Was it showing incorrectly on the dot matrix board? If so, which stop was it?


Hi James

It is showing up incorrectly on all the dot matrix boards. As explained in my original post, the countdown system has two fields (one called DestinationText and one called DestinationName with the former meant for shorter displays if I remember correctly). Only one of the fields is wrong and this is what is shown on the dot matrix displays and some apps.

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Will the boards ever be fixed? As I explained earlier - all the dot matrix boards are still showing this as Startford City (as per the photo I posted earlier in the thread). An example of a dot matrix board showing the wrong destination is Grange Park Road stop P, but they are all wrong so kind of pointless focusing on a single display.