Incorrect Origin/Destination tags in TxC data

Hi, I’m using the latest to convert them into GTFS.
Lately I noticed that in some .xml files provided by LULD (London Underground) the Origin and Destination values under a StandardService tag are completely incorrect.

  1. In files named “tfl_1-DIS-_-y05…xml”: Hammersmith & City line with description “Hammesrmith - King’s Cross St. Pancras - Barking” and the Origin and Destination signs: Ealing Broadway and Upminster Station respectively. These 2 stations are not related to the Hammersmith & City and are one of the first and last stops of a District line
  2. In files named “tfl_1-CIR-_-y05…xml”: Circle line with description “Hammersmith - King’s Cross St. Pancras - Victoria - Edgware Road” and Origin/Destination: Barking Station which should be outside of the Circle line and belongs to H&C or District lines
  3. In file named “tfl_1-PIC-_-y05-1546203.xml”: Description is “Acton Town/Rayners Lane - Hammersmith - Cockfosters” and Origin/Destination are not matching

Since TFL does not provide trip headsigns in TxC data we have to use origin and destination in files as trip headsigns for outbound or inbound trips. If we use last stop of the trip as a trip headsign then each tube line will have >12 different trip headsigns which is undesired for us.
It would be great if you could correct the issue with TxC files or suggest the correct method to assign trip headsigns for London tube which are more compatible with the real situation, i.e. shown to the passengers on the stations.

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