Incorrect TfL announcements

I’ve been out and about on the tube in the last few weeks and I’ve noticed there are problems with announcements at many locations.

Audio announcements

  • At Paddington (Hammersmith & City) platform 16 the announcements said that the train was the “Circle Line Via” whilst the signs said “Circle Line Via King’s Cross”.
  • At Newbury Park (platform 2) there was an announcement that “smoking wasn’t permitted in any London Passenger Transport Board Bus Station” (ended life in December 1949!)
  • At Queens Park platforms 2, Bakerloo Line trains were for “Stonebridge Park calling at Stonebridge Park” (not all stops)
  • The train at Upper Holoway tells you can change for Archway station, which is helpful. Except it doesn’t mention “During the work access to the Northern line will be via the spiral staircase, which has 113 steps.”

Written messages

  • At Heathrow Terminal 4 Piccadilly Line Platform 1 there are lots of messages on the departure boards that say “Terminals 1,2 and 3” but should just say “2 and 3” as Terminal 1 closed in June 2015.
  • At White City you can’t tell when the next Ealing Broadway train is because platform 4 and 3 share the same indicators and the terminating train blocks one of the slots. You have to go to the ticket barrier to find out when it’s due.
  • At Acton Town you can’t tell from platform level which lines are being served because the platform indicators don’t tell you. You have to go up the gateline to find out that all four platforms are used for Picadilly Line trains but 1 and 4 are District Line.

I’m also unclear as to why “No Smoking” is still flashed up on station indicators, given it is illegal to smoke indoors anywhere since 1 July 2007.

Hi @briantist Thanks for pointing out these issues. I’ve passed your post on to the LU Customer team to take a look at.

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Great, thanks.

I enjoy the announcements between Xmas & New year when you have weird service patterns such as being on a Circle Line train to Kensington Olympia.


I noted today at Amersham Platform 3 the display says only “Chiltern train”, rather than say “London Marylebone”.

The wasn’t a sign on the front of the train, so you wouldn’t know where the “Chiltern train” was actually going!