Is down?

I can’t get anythiug from TrackerNet this morning. All my requests, which worked yesterday are just erroring. For example, gives

HI @briantist

We have an incident with Trackernet feeds at the moment:


Also, there is an alternative URL you can use in the meantime:


Bless you! That works a treat.

Do you have an alternative URL for the unified API?


Welcome! I think the problem with the unified API is that it is driven, underneath, by access to TrackerNet. It’s just acting as a easier-to-understand JSON interface than Trackernet’s almost incomprehensible short-code XML…

I guess we all know now what we need to do when the backend fails!

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Hi @TFowle

We don’t have an alternative for the Unified API as per @briantist post below.

However, we have restored service using a workaround Live Tube Arrivals unavailable