Is there a Url that returns all the stations for a given mode?

Without being tied to a lineID. I’d like to get all the tube stations and their arrival info. I’m already able to retrieve them here:!/Line/Line_StopPoints

However, this Url doesn’t work:!/Mode/Mode_Arrivals

Thank you in advance.


I’m sure I’ve said this before. Use the status call to get a list of line ids (it’s a comma separated list)…,overground,dlr,tflrail/status

and then loop though them using line/linename/arrivals

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I edited my OP. I’m able to get all the overground stations. Yes, I’ve used this url:

I was wondering if was possible to get all the tube stations arrivals in one url without using the lineId.


No, thus my answer to use a loop.

           $arrOut = [];
            foreach (json_decode(file_get_contents("")) as $line) {
                $arrOut[$line->id] = json_decode(file_get_contents("{$line->id}/arrivals"));