Is there a way to attach BODS VehicleRef to bus registration / number plate?

I’m currently looking into the BODS data and I’d like to find a way to perform a lookup between the numeric VehicleRef within BODS and the fleet number or registration number (number plate) used by TfL in their own APIs.

I’ve taken a look into this and it seems that the VehicleRef used in BODS has no relation to any vehicle IDs used by TfL in their own APIs or other datasets. I’ve as yet no idea how to make a connection between a vehicle in BODS and TfL fleet data.

Specifically I want to find a way to work out which busses in the BODS data are using electric / green vehicles and the simplest way to achieve this would be to perform a lookup from the BODS ID with the different IDs used in the TfL fleet spreadsheets.

Any and all help is appreciated! :pray:


will return a list of vehicle IDs and regs of vehicles currently in service

This looks perfect, thank you! It’s a shame this data isn’t accessible via the new Unified API, or via BODS itself.