Issue with Station Arrivals call

Hi, I’m making calls on the API for arrivals into Bow Road tube station and keep receiving an empty array no matter what I do.

An example of the call I’m making is:

I’ve tried a similar query for other stations like Oxford Circus and it works and gives me valid responses, but for Bow Road it always returns an empty array.

Can someone please tell me what’s the issue or what I’m doing wrong


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Doing a quick cross-check with the public web site it seems that the system isn’t working at Bow Road.

I’ve noticed the same problem at Barking, which has had this message (Upminster, Terminates Here 1 min, Terminates Here 2 min) on the on-platform display since October

I would venture there’s nothing wrong with your code and it won’t be fixed until the District Line sections are upgraded as part of the Lines Modernisation (4LM)


it’s not going to get fixed (in terms of the TfL API output) until “SMA6” section is upgraded, which I’m guessing in 2022.

Of course @jamesevans might know better.

Thanks a lot for the information Brian, is a shame it’ll be delayed until 2022 and reliant on the SMA6 upgrade before the API works again

Hi @ccmanni - there are certain sections of the Sub-surface railway (H&C, District, Circle, Metropolitan Lines) that are still running on old radio signals and therefore don’t interface with Trackernet (which is the source feed for the Unified API’s tube predictions.

Bow Road is in one of these sections. The full list of stations that are in this situation are:

Bow Road
Elm Park
Dagenham Heathway
Upton Park
Mile End
Stepney Green (Eastbound)
Notting Hill Gate

As @briantist said, these will get resolved when the 4LM project delivers new signalling across those lines. We had the same issue with trains between Paddington & Hammersmith on H&C/Circle and Preston Road on Metropolitan until last year when the signalling was replaced but now these are all working (bar Paddington H&C where we have a data conflict).


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Hi @ccmanni - if, as per your original post, you are looking for timetable info, rather than live arrivals then you can get the data from /Line/Timetable for hammersmith-and-city/inbound/940GZZLUBKG and hammersmith-and-city/outbound/940GZZLUHSC and then add timeToArrival from stationIntervals for Bow Road to the time in knownJourneys. I use /Line/Route to get the intiial list of Line/Direction/Originator entries for the /Line/Timetable queries

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