Issues finding stop points arrivals

Hi There,

I’m a newbie making my first steps diving into this API,

I want to find arrivals at a specific stop point (910GDEPTFDP) and i’m getting empty parenthesis (as opposed to an error), i’ve tried other stop points and it works fine, so I’m not sure if this is a very specific issue, or me doing something wrong. (still using postman/ web based options for the experimentation phase)

Also is it possible to access bigger train station’s data in somewhat similar fashion (Cannon / king’s x etc… )

Thanks !

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Welcome @Amitsegall

Where do you get your 910GDEPTFDP code from? It’s look like you’re looking for a rail station of sime type (910G…) but I’m not sure about where it might be.

If you’re looking for something outside Greater London (or just pure National Rail data), use free API the Darwin system from NRE -

Or perhaps you meant to use 940GZZDLDEP ?

Hi @Amitsegall - welcome.

I can’t seem to find this NaPTAN code at all either.

910GDEPTFD is the top level code for Deptford rail station and StopPoint data is available in the API

Live arrivals are not available in the API as we currently don’t provide arrivals for National Rail (outside of TfL Rail & London Overground).

This is why the response for Arrivals is empty.

As @briantist has mentioned, the NR data is available outside of our dataset.


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Hi Brian,
Thanks for your answer, it seems like i was looking for a national rail station which explains everything, all other inquires seemed to work fine, I’ll have a look at the NRE thanks for the lead.

Hi James,
Thanks for the replay, it seems like @briantist was right,

Thanks for the quick turnover.

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