Jamcams archive

Hi I know there is a 30 day archive on jamcams footage …once they are no longer available are they backed up anywhere? Or gone forever?

Welcome @Heth

Someone did have a project going in the past where they made in the past.

The code I did on there works still.

Could anyone help me get images from 2 feb 2021 12.05 to 12.30

It is really important if anyone can do this it would be beyond amazing

Thank you


The only possible way you might get them is by doing an FoI for them.

You will need to be very specific. If you ask for everything it will 100% get bounced back as too expensive.


However, I wouldn’t be very confident as it is unlikely TfL keep these for that long.

If I could put my cynic’s hat on, one of the advantages for an organisation of having a fixed period deletion policy is that you don’t have to look for it if you get a FOI request because you know it’s not there.

I had an interesting discussion once on this. I argued that the traditional argument in favour of deletion - the cost of storing information - was no longer an issue. The counterargument was that the real cost was in documenting it well enough to make it findable and searchable. Having seen the number of emails stored on office system titled “RE: Your Message” I took the point.

However, it seems to me that highly structured information often needs very little additional documentation over and above what is contained in the file name, at least of thought has been given to a consistent and meaningful naming convention in the first place. At first sight, jamcam clips would seem to fall in this category - location, direction, date/time? - but maybe there are other subtleties of which I am unaware.



It may be possible that TfL are retaining them for some internal purpose. It might be that that are useful for proving points about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, the pandemics effect on the road system or for training an AI to predict traffic that needs managing better.

If they are then being specific about a date/time and camera might render a folder of result images.

However, on the flip side to that they are hardly 4k clean data.

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