Journey planner inaccuracy in SE23

There is a problem with the Journey Planner in my area. If you search for a route- for example from Therapia Road to Clapham Junction, it always starts with the P12 Bus from Buckstone Close to Canada Water. The problem is - it does not allow any time for this section of the journey. On other searches - it allows 12 minutes. In fact this journey itself takes 53 minutes - just to get to Canada Water. It is increasingly infuriating that no time is allowed for this journey as TFL journey planner selects it nearly every time as being the " fastest route".

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hi @teabag - welcome to the forum.

I’ll ask the Journey Planner team to look into this.


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Not the main point here but I would imagine that the “no time” versus “12 minutes” oddity ties in with whether it is a liw or high frequency period of operation, as Journey Planner adds the service interval to journey times when the operation is high frequency - at least every 12 minutes - which is the P12 Mon-Sat daytime frequency. Without bothering to tell you that it is doing it, of course and it doesn’t do it for high frequency tube services. It distorts comparisons between alternative routes.

Hi @teabag

I’ve had a look at the schedule data and there was an error in this data, this has now been corrected and will be available after the next data release on Monday.

( cc @GerardButler and @jamesevans for reference)

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