Journey Planner Incident - not returning National Rail Journeys

Hi all,

We are currently working on an incident where Journey Planner is not returning National Rail journeys including LO and TfL Rail.

It seems that a daily script to import data has failed.

This will affect anyone using the /Journey endpoint on the Unified API as well as those using the Journey Planner API directly.

We’ll update here once we have a resolution.


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Merry Xmas @jamesevans

Ah yes, the daily FTP Cobol tables from Darwin! I know them well!

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Haha. Yes, although there is some further processing of these as we have to split London Overground & TfL Rail into their own modes ready for consumption into Journey Planner.

Update - we’re running a new build now which will take around 3 hours. Hopefully we can resolve this after this time.

We’ve now restored the missing NR data. Apologies for any inconvenience

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