Journey Planner routes to destinations > 1km from searched lat/lon


I’m trying to do a journey planner search from London to London Gatwick airport and getting some bizarre results to Horley (Surrey), Horley Railway Station instead. Weirdly, the route does indeed go to Gatwick Airport Rail Station, but the continues on with three buses to Horley. Have I messed up the search somehow? Search details:

from : 51.49526,-0.14456
to : 51.16877,-0.16105
date : 20171214
time : 0610


Hi @plew,

we’ve had a similar issue on the front end I believe.

How are you getting the coordinates? Is it from a Google Places lookup?

James Evans
Technology Service Operations


Hey James,

No, we’re not using google coordinates. We first determine whether or not there is a possible TFL route using station and line data, and then make the journey planner request using the lat/long associated with that station.


Hi @plew

I’ve taken a look at the coordinates that you’ve used in the “to” parameter and they appear on Google Maps to be for Horley Station and not Gatwick. Doing a search in the API for Gatwick returns a different set of coordinates:

“lat”: 51.156491,
“lon”: -0.161041

Let me know if our API is returning these coordinates for Gatwick.



Looked into this further and it seems to be a routing issue on our end. Thanks for the help.