Journey Planner Timetables zip file corrupt?


I’ve just downloaded the Journey Planner Timetables zip file from:

(Via the link on this page:

The file will not unzip correctly, though. I’ve never had this problem before, can someone please check that the file is correct?



Same here

So, not done at all last night (see other thread) and not done right today.

Out of interest, is anyone tasked with checking that processes due to run actually run and that when they do the result is not the proverbial dingos’ kidneys?

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It can’t be that hard to correct, surely?

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@jamesevans Bump? Is this being sorted?

This appears to have been resolved some time after midday today (Tuesday).A bit of a surprise as it is about to be overtaken by the following week’s version (I hope).


Yes, looks like the problem, whatever it was, has been fixed. Thanks all!

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