Kentish Town closure

Please be aware that Kentish Town Underground Station will be closed from 26 June for up to 1 year.

Any questions just let me know.

Is this like the escalators at Cutty Sark… now into their half-decade of being fixed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual question: the Network Rail part of the station will remain open?

Yes the National Rail station should remain open, I don’t believe there will be any impact to Thameslink services

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Just to add to this, there won’t be any timetable changes for the closure, the only change is that customers won’t be able to get on/off at Kentish Town.

The change won’t be reflected in TransXChange timetables, so open data users using timetables and not the Journey Planner API, please be aware you would have to implement this change yourselves.

Any questions just let me know, thanks.

@jwithers I can’t help noting that



Perhaps some note could be made as to the year-long Northern closure here?

Asking for a friend…

Hi Brian,
The closure message has been on the Status Updates pages since the end of April


( cc @GerardButler )


The message I posted was from the site last night and right now “Tube, Overground, Elizabeth line, DLR & Tram status updates - Transport for London” - /tube-dlr-overground/status/#stations-status - has no entry at all now for Kentish Town.


Hi Brian,

The closure does not begin until Monday 26 June


@briantist Looks like you were possibly on the “Now” tab?


I see, the closure hasn’t yet started. I must have misread the starting date in the press. .

My apologies.