Line id South-western-railway is invalid


I’m trying to figure out how to get the arrival and departure times from the StopPoint api via this endpoint for Wimbledon station:


I see the south-western-railway does service the 910GWDON station according to this endpoint:

Here is a sample url that returns a invalid response:

This route produces a “line id south-western-railway” is invalid response.

It does however return a valid list of arrival/departures for the themeslink line (different station id):
StationId: 910GWIMBLDN

Are arrival and departure times available for south-western-railway line?

Is their a more efficient means for finding arrival/departure data from the Wimbledon station?

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Welcome @Cody

I find the best way to start with getting identifiers is to use the relevant status call

Which gives you

To be honest, if you want National Rail data the best place is NRE Darwin. National Rail Enquiries - - it’s free and fast (also unlimited) but you will need to be able to make SOAP calls.

Hi Cody,

We do not currently support predictions for National Rail lines other than Thameslink. This is due to Thameslink being present on the tube map.

We may introduce these for other operators in the future, but for now, I would suggest using the DARWIN open data feed for these predictions.


Great advice. Thanks for the fast response.