/Line/Route/Sequence with No stopPointSequences


hi @nickp

There was a data processing error with the 365. It has been resolved and will be promoted next week.



Thanks James,

While we’re at it:

Results of update dated 13/12/2017:

Lines still deleted : 365
Branches duplicated: Metropolitan/all - note that this is the only data change in this update



we’ve fixed the issue with the 365 today. There is also an issue with the Met Line’s route sequence that we’re still investigating.



Hi James,

Thank you for that, I’ve seen the duplication problem before on modes bus, tube, tram & DLR. It’s intermittent and seems to resolve itself after a week or so. It was also affecting the Central, District, DLR and Piccadilly lines until this current update.

Results of update dated 20/12/2017:

Line restored: 365
Branches duplicated: Metropolitan



Results of update dated 21/12/2017 (but only published today):

Branches (still) duplicated: Central, District, Metropolitan, Piccadilly


Results of update dated 17/1/2018:

Lines deleted: 398, H17, W19
Lines deduplicated: Central, District, Metropolitan, Piccadilly
Lines duplicated: DLR


Hi @nickp

Thanks for the update on the missing buses.

These will hopefully be resolved tomorrow.



Result of update dated 24/1/2018:

Lines restored: 398, H17, W19
Lines (still) duplicated: DLR, Piccadilly


Result of updates dated 30/1/2018 and 1/2/2018 (no change):

Lines still duplicated: DLR, Piccadilly


Result of update dated 6/2/2018:

Lines restored: Piccadilly
Lines still duplicated: DLR


Result of update dated 13/2/2018:

Lines restored: DLR


Result of update dated 6/3/2018:

Lines with no stopPointSequences: Circle, Hammersmith & City


Result of update dated 13/3/2018:

Lines restored: Circle, Hammersmith & City
Lines with missing sequences: Piccadilly - inbound completely missing, outbound missing Uxbridge-Acton Town


Result of update dated 14/3/2018:

Line restored: Piccadilly
Lines deleted: 181,246


The Datastore update expected on 20th March has not yet been made (18:18 on 21st), at least not where I normally access it, so it may be difficult for Nick to report the results.


I’ll bump this is as nobody has responded. Where is the Datastore update please?


Update now present, with the files dated 23rd. I presume it was update don Friday evening but I gave up checking over the weekend.


API (Line/Mode/bus/Route) is still returning a created date of 14/3. I’m not holding my breath for when this update eventually gets published to the API. See my comment on 4 Jan for an earlier example.


Things can go wrong for human or IT reasons. What’s not clear is if anyone checks after an event is supposed to have taken place that it actually did. Users have no idea whether it is deliberate, an oversight or whatever but if TfL don’t either they cannot tell us.


And now the 27th March zip file is corrupt - gets to 68Mb then stops and is unopenable. This is the main zip file which contains four smaller zip files. IIRC it was one of the contained zip files which caused an issue over Christmas.

I appreciate this is not a developer issue, but where else can we go?