/Line/Route/Sequence with No stopPointSequences


To clarify, no Datastore upload took place on Tuesday 20 March - the corruption of the file earlier this week was unexpected, as although there are a large number of service changes at the moment, this was not of the same scale as Christmas timetables in terms of file size. We have further split the third file and uploaded to Datastore again this morning. Going forward, the data update newsletter, which some of you may already receive, will be posted on here,


The datastore may be being updated, but the API is still showing a latest date of 14/3/2018…



Thanks. However I just tried to download the Datastore file five minutes ago and it is still stalling. I am using Chrome; I’ll try it using IE later.

IIRC with the Christmas problem the download finished OK but the problem came when extracting and then only using some kinds of unzipping software. This smells different, as I cannot even get to that stage.

I know I’m not the only person affected by the way.



Same on Internet Explorer.

The file supplied to Traveline downloads OK by the way. That is just one zip file with life, the universe and eveything in it (but regrettably does not take exactly 42 seconds to download).



File behaving itself now. Must have been put right some time after Thursday lunchtime.


Result of update dated 12/4/2018:

Lines restored: 181, 246
Lines deleted: Heathrow Connect


Regret to have to inform you that all routes for London General (operator code 48) appear to have been omitted from the Datastore upload earlier this evening.


Result of update dated 23/4/2018:

Line sections duplicated: EL1, EL3
(Lines still deleted: Heathrow Connect)

  • moved to Tfl Rail


Result of update dated 25/4/2018:

Line sections deleted: DLR - Isle of Dogs to/from Lewisham and Stratford to/from Poplar
Line sections still duplicated: EL1, EL3


Result of update dated 2/5/2018:

Route restored: DLR
Line sections still duplicated: EL1, EL3


I’ll add this issue here since it seems related. I noticed that the station stop-types given in /Line/Route/Sequence vary between lines. Here are some examples:

  • Jubilee: mix of NaptanRailAccessArea and NaptanMetroPlatform, using 9400ZZLUxxxN naptans
  • Central, Piccadilly: mix of NaptanRailAccessArea and NaptanMetroStation, using 9400ZZ codes for RailAccessArea and 940GZZ for MetroStation
  • Bakerloo, DLR: entirely NaptanMetroStation with 940GZZ

The mixed Naptan IDs are used in the route-sequences as well. I’m assuming this is unintended behaviour?


I’ve just noticed that route 283 is shown as truncated at Hammersmith Bus Station with no inbound or oubound routes south of there. Not sure how long ago this happened, probably some time last year. I’ll add it to the outstanding list at the next update


Result of update dated 9/5/2018:

Lines still truncated: 283
Lines still duplicated: EL1, EL3


Nick - The 283 is permanently truncated to Hammersmith so I wouldn’t expect to see any routeing details south of there. A much less frequent link to the Wetland Centre was provided by diverting the 485. The issue of course is reducing the number of buses across Hammersmith Bridge, which in not in a good state. It is unclear who (if anyone) is going to pay to restore it.


Thanks Michael,

On reflection, I knew that. Got led astray by an out-of-date spider map (Wormwood Scrubs).

Regards, Nick


An out-of-date spider map, Nick? Shurely shome mishtake!



Result of update dated 16/5/2018:

Lines still duplicated: EL1, EL3


Result of update dated 21/5/2018:

(no change except the usual messing about with the rail data, plus the normal yo-yo station names)

Lines still duplicated: EL1, EL3


Result of update dated 25/5/2018:

Line deleted: 117
Lines still duplicated: EL1, EL3


Result of update dated 30/5/2018:

Line restored: 117
Lines (still) duplicated: Bakerloo, EL!, EL3