Line Search API call is 404'ing

The line search call just gives me a 404 saying it can’t find the line search. This is the generic sample in Postman

    "$type": "Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.ApiError, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities",
    "timestampUtc": "2020-01-12T12:55:51.0075145Z",
    "exceptionType": "EntityNotFoundException",
    "httpStatusCode": 404,
    "httpStatus": "NotFound",
    "relativeUri": "/Line/Search?query=ham&modes=tube",
    "message": "The following line id is not recognised: Search"

Welcome @Marty

The line correct names for the lines is more easily got from rather than using … I’m not sure how you have added in the ?query bit.

It was just the standard URL given in the postman file{{app_id}}&app_key={{app_key}}

I’ll give the Status API a go.


I watch what postnan creates … check it against the sample URL shown in the system.

Good luck.