Line Statuses overnight

I’ve been looking at Line Statuses in the API and trying to work out which lines aren’t currently scheduled to run (eg the statuses shown by day-only lines overnight). However, different modes seem to have different conventions, eg the underground is currently showing “Service Closed” for all its lines, whilst the river bus lines are showing as “Good Service”.
Is there some sort of pattern that I’m missing here? Or is it just that statuses are set manually, and the underground team are more diligent at keeping them up-to-date?

Hi Luke,

We have 2 teams that input disruptions (including Service Closed messages).

London Underground Control Centre (LUCC) update the status of the following modes:

TfL Rail

The Live Information Desk (LID) update the status of:

London Buses
River Buses (inc Woolwich Ferry)
Emirates Air Line

You are correct in that both are manual inputted by both teams. I don’t believe that the LID currently have it in their procedure to “close” the service after the last service has finished. I believe this may be due to the fact they would have to do that for around 500 bus services (as well as the river services).

I’ve raised a ticket to look into the issue a bit further. I can’t promise anything but it may be possible to automate this status.

TfL Online Operations

Bug reference SVC-3628

Thanks, that explanation is very helpful!
I suppose as a work around I can consider a line closed if it currently has no vehicles associated with it.