Live crowding data not working when app key prvoided

When I try to access live crowding data making a request in the format{Naptan}/Live?app_key={applicationKey},
the data given to me is from 12:46 on March 7th, a day behind the live data.

However when removing the app key query and requesting in the format{Naptan}/Live,
the data I receive is closer to live, being from 18:41 on March 8th (tested at 19:01 on March 8th with NaptanId 940GZZLUSWC)
Is there any reason for this?

Welcome @jamieholloway

The crowding data us a set of values broken into 15 minutes, one per day of the week.

It’s much more efficient to just collect the whole dataset by using, say

and storing it in your backend database as 7x96 records.

This is a single static dataset that was generated once. Here is using a Postgress real[] array…

This means I can get it back with a simple query.

Which means I can show the whole current crowding data for the whole of the tube map.

Thank you for the fast response @briantist. Is the data there an average of historical records that will predict how crowded the station will be in a given timeslot? If that is the case would it be potentially less accurate than the live feed? Thanks for the help

@jamieholloway Sorry, I should have made it clear! There is no live feed, only the historical data presented for the current time.

@briantist I see, that clears everything up for me. Thanks for the help!

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