Live DLR Departures Board


I’m trying to make a simple live departures board of my local DLR station.

After reading “Unified API Part 5: AoT – Arrivals of Things” on the TFL blog am I right in thinking the SignalR approach doesn’t currently work with DLR trains?

I understand that detailed information about the location of trains isn’t available due to lack of VehicleID. So would regularly polling the API be the only way to obtain basic live data as seen on the electronic boards at the station?


Hi @Daniel, you might be on to something - I can’t get SignalR to work with DLR either… I’ll investigate this and get back to you.



Hi @Tim, did you get SignalR to work with DLR in the end?


@Daniel - apologies this has taken so long to resolve, but we have now restored DLR predictions using SignalR. During our investigations, we found that TFL Rail and London Overground SignalR predictions were also not working and these have been fixed also.

James Evans
Service Performance Manager - Digital