Live Tube predictions data unavailable - 8th March 2021

Due to internal network issues, this data is currently unavailable in our API service. Our technical teams are working with our partners/suppliers to restore service. We’ll post an update here once the Trackernet service has been restored.


Indeed! I was just trying to show a demo of our new system and there was no tube data showing.

Data is showing on the feed but running at around 5 hours behind. Is this still part of the error being fixed?

Hi @ryan.forsyth - unfortunately the underlying Trackernet system is still having issues producing train lists (i.e. predictions). The latest is that the team responsible is looking to apply a hotfix today. I’m hoping that we have a further update this morning.

Fingers crossed, I really need this to work today.

hi @briantist

The update we had seems to indicate this is quite a complex investigation. Unfortunately the hotfix is not ready yet. We should have a further update this afternoon, but I don’t think they will have this on your timescale.

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OK, thanks. People will have to be disappointed I guess.

Was this anything to with the recent 4LM success in SM3?

Could it be considered to add an “error” element to the xml. So when there is an error with the feed it can be populated. Then as devs we can check if the error node has content and display that to our users. Rather than the constant “why is your app not working messages”.


I has tube data in my app

thanks @jamesevans for sorting it out!