London Overground - Error


I believe there is a Error through the Chingford - Liverpool Street Station.
Where are the trains heading for Liverpool Street,and why excatly does it say “Platform Unknown” with a Train going to Chingford within 40 Minutes?

Press on this link:



I just checked London liverpool Street,no information there.


At the moment, I’m seeing platform numbers for the next two trains but not for the third. By the looks of it, the programmer may have been instructed to display platform numbers only for the earlier trains.

That would make some sense for a station with more platforms, if the platforms have to be dynamically reallocated to allow for late-running trains. But the link is for Walthamstow and there is only one platform that a train heading towards Liv St could possibly stop, so it makes little point to intentionally surpress information that cannot change.


A bit of research suggests that this problem affects ALL stations on the London Overground and TfL Rail, except those on the North London Line and Watford Junction branch. Canonbury is OK for both LO lines (NLL and ELL).

Just to add to the fun, all departures from Hoxton appear to be “platform unknown”.

An additional problem is that for each terminal point on the affected lines, I get a message that there are no departures at the moment. As departures are shown one stop down the line, it appears not to be a question of waiting for the train to start.

Highbury & Islington is a special case as the North London line is shown correctly but the East London line is not shown at all, presumably for the same supposed lack of departures issue as the other terminals on that line/

On the other point, did the absence of trains towards Liverpool Street simply reflect that the last train had already gone?


OK, you can see the original “Darwin” data here


Which is odd, because the elctronic timetables (from NRE) clearly show allocated platform numbers


The usual reason for Darwin not showing platform numbers is for when they CAN be allocated dynamically, like they can at Liverpool Street station, they are not given out the public until the relevant hardware is where it is supposed to be.


NRE - national rail enquires

Darwin - GB train data live system

WLTWCEN is the TIPLOC (Transport location) code for Walthamstow Central, where the three-letter code is WHC.


Walthamstow only has 2 platforms.One heading for LIV Street and other for Chingford.I am a bit confused onwhat you said.


Liverpool Street is high demand,I don’t think they will make the last train leave earlier than the Chingford’s Last Train.Note that Chingford is a very small town so there is a less demand compared to Liv.St.


There are four platforms at Walthamstow Central, two of them being Victoria Line.

The high demand direction at Liverpool Street late at night is out of town, not into town. But that’s not a tech issue; you can check that from the timetable.