London Underground Passenger Counts

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an API to collect data related to London underground passenger counts.
I found in TFL open data something related (shown in image), but I am not sure if there is an actual API to collect a live feed, or is it just the excel files that they create annually?
Does anyone have any useful input related to that?



I’ve got a table of them but I had to scrape them…

Thanks for you reply. So, to your knowledge there is not any related API?
Could I ask you, from which source did you scrape them?


It says here…

// TfL Tube data from

// DLR DATA Extracted from

The CSV for the ORR data is …

If you have a NAPTAN (940GZZLULVT) you can get the 96-slots a day x 7 days a week data using → this is relative rather than absolute.