Machine-powered Tube statuses

I’m inferring performance data from live arrivals to calculate objective Tube statuses in real-time:

Also have an API and plan to add endpoints for the data that produces the statuses, charts and maps: True Tube Status (Beta) – Better Tube line statuses

Hope you like it!



Welcome @affalytics !

Very nice. I’ve got a similar thing going with live Darwin data from NRE which covers the TfL-branded London Overground and TfL Rail…

Ok yes, I meant to say that the “how TfL calculates statuses” (aka CSL2) in in the public domain:

CSL2 is an industry wide sign that a TOC is experiencing severe service disruption and customers may require access to alternative routes. It must be noted that CSL2 can be declared outside of severe delays if there is a benefit to the customer.


That’s cool!

Thanks for the pdf, didn’t realize it was standardized like that. (I had only seen the underground guidelines.)

Do you have a link for your interface? Or maybe it’s an internal thing?

@affalytics Always happy to help.

The code is part of the but there are people much better at CSS than me that are still to work on the look so this bit of code hasn’t get rolled out to the live systems.

I’d say for Thameslink, you wouldn’t need an API call, just leave that as a static label :rofl: