Matching up DLR arrival data


Has anyone had any success combing DLR arrival data to work out when a particular train will reach a future stop? For other modes, this is easy to do using the vehicleId field. But for DLR arrivals, vehicleId is empty. Any clever work arounds out there or alternate sources of data?


Hi Luke, unfortunately the backend system “DLR Daisy” doesn’t provide us with a VehicleId that we can use. Here’s a sample of all the information we receive:

24/03/2017 12:25:161 Lewisham 3 mins2 LEWISHAM 9 MINS3 LEWISHAM 13 MINS11 Bank 4 mins2 BANK 9 MINS3 BANK 14 MINS2CROCrossharbour24/03/2017 12:25:121 Woolwich Arsn2 LEWISHAM 2 MINS3 BECKTON 5 MINS11 Bank 1 min2 TOWER GATEWAY 3 MINS3 BANK 6 MINS2SHAShadwell24/03/2017 12:25:191 Woolwich Arsn 3 mins2 WOOLWICH ARSN 13 MINS3 WOOLWICH ARSN 23 MINS31 Stratford Int 8 mins2 



Ha! I remember before the unified API, trying to screenscrape the DLR website. This sample output looks very familiar.
For some reason I’d assumed that TFL would have access to a system further upstream than this. I guess there’s no obligation on Serco to provide anything more detailed…


Yes that’s probably about right :slight_smile: