Missing countdown data for Moorehead Way / Pinto Way

The second bus stop on route 335 (Moorehea Way / Pinto Way stop with SMS code 91367 Moorehead Way / Pinto Way - Transport for London ) is not returning any data but user reported that the bus is stopping there again.

Please can you take a look at this?

Hello, thank you for reporting this.

I can see that the bus stop is in the Countdown system, and it doesn’t seem to be marked as closed, yet it’s also not generating any predictions.


StopPointName: Moorehead Way / Pinto Way
StopID: BP5787
StopCode1: 91367
StopCode2: 490020132S
StopPointState: 0 (Open)

@jamesevans Any ideas?

@Mulder @LeonByford

I can’t see any data mismatches for this not working.

I’ll raise this with my colleagues who look after Countdown.


The equivalent stop in the opposite direction is also not returning predictions. I’ve added that to my query.

StopPointName: Moorehead Way / Weigall Road
StopID: BP5786
StopCode1: 91366
StopCode2: 490019673N

Thank you @jamesevans ! Your quick response is much appreciated :+1:

Good morning - I had a look today and the data is still not coming through for these bus stops.

hi @Mulder

The data team have corrected the issue and this should be released on Friday 9 June.

We’ll check the predictions then, but it should be OK.