Missing data for stop from countdown API - Walthamstow Bus Station B

Hi team

The data for bus stop called Walthamstow Bus Station (stop point B) - stopcode = 57770 does not come back when I call the countdown API for this stop using the following URL:


This returns no data, but when I check on the unified API (which I am not currently using as my app was built using countdown), I can see the data coming back.

Even more peculiar is that if I do the query in a different way, for example by route, I do get data back for this stop:

This call: http://countdown.api.tfl.gov.uk/interfaces/ura/instant_V1?LineName=W15&ReturnList=RegistrationNumber,StopCode1,Latitude,Longitude,EstimatedTime,ExpireTime,StopPointName,StopPointIndicator,DirectionID,LineName,DestinationText,Towards,StopPointType,Bearing,MessageUUID,MessageType,MessagePriority,MessageText,StartTime,ExpireTime
return the following line in the response, which suggests the data is there, but for some reason, it isn’t coming through when searching by stop code:

[1,"Walthamstow Bus Station","57770","STSS","Whipps Cross",179,"B",51.583692,-0.020445,"W15",1,"Hackney Central","LB71ECX",1678812099000,1678812129000]

Please can you look into this as I have some users complaining about this. Thanks!!!

I can see this issue affecting a few apps out there (including LVF). Will this be investigated?

hi @Mulder

I have raised this with my colleagues in the Countdown team.

Do you have any other examples of this?


Thank you. I cannot currently give other examples (I don’t record or reconcile unless a user reports this to me). I tried to see if there’s a quick way to see this, but it will be too time consuming to try and find another example right now. If I find a way to get some more examples, I’ll send it through.

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Hi @Mulder - if there are any more you come across, let me know.

I had a response from the Countdown team advising there appears to be a duplication of this stop in the data which is causing this behaviour. They’re looking at a datafix and we’ll let you know once this has occurred.


Good morning, is there any update on when this will be fixed?