Missing data for the 432 at Brixton station Q

Hi guys we are not seeing any info for the 432 at Brixton station Q going towards Tulse Hill

There’s a big list of these already - Missing Stop Sequences/Naptan ID Mismatch/Issue with API Bus arrivals

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Yeah, the 432 isn’t on the list

But you could have added to the post… this isn’t Twitter :roll_eyes:

If I had seen it I would have @briantist, I searched for the bus number affected and nothing came up. If the moderators have an issue with the way I post on this forum them i’m happy to have a conversation with them about it but I don’t need and have never asked for your opinions or sarcastic comments, you don’t have anymore authority in this forum than anyone else here. In the future please stay off my posts and maybe give this forum a break for a bit as it seems to distress you for some reason.


I think the point Brian was trying to make is that there are threads on missing stops and that you are more likely to find a relevant thread searching on that generalised basis rather than for one of the 800 plus individual routes. There is also the point that, being a technical forum, it tends to look for common technical or data explanations, so grouping similar stuff together makes some sense. However it was put, I think Brian’s response should be taken as useful feedback.

Having said which, I suspect the 432 is a hangover from the changes which were made to southbound stops at the height of the Covid epidemic. The Journey Planner file in Datastore and Google Maps both show 432 not serving stop Q, which would be odd as the other routes going in that direction do serve the stop. If (as I imagine is the case) it is serving that stop, it looks as if the metadata for the route has simply failed to catch up with this.

Brian is one of the most helpful and informed posters on this forum and it would be shame if the combination of his response and your reaction to that response were to result in him taking a break (not that I think that is likely to happen). He is welcome to comment on my posts, whether or not I have asked him (or anyone else) to do so. Arguably by the very act of posting I am inviting comment.

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@mjcarchive thank you for the reply, and I agree I should have posted in an existing thread. I did have a look before hand and searched for issues with the bus but didn’t see anything (my fault for missing a thread I could have added to). I don’t mind someone replying to a post with helpful information but considering I’m a newer user of this forum I really don’t appreciate the passive aggressive comments and the sarcasm, the forum is meant to be used to help each other not to try and show some sort of misguided superiority. Like I said, advice is more than welcome but if you are going to other advice or even criticise let’s try to at least keep it constructive.