Missing Metroline OME vehicles in Countdown data

I’ll raise this here but I don’t know if it’s a ‘data’ feed issue or an issue with the iBus equipment on the vehicles themselves… (we use the legacy feed but this is probably the same in the unified feed too, I haven’t checked…)

There are seven OME vehicles operated by Metroline that haven’t shown up in the Countdown feed recently even though they have been noted in service between 22nd July and 7th August. e.g.

|OME2668|YJ69DFF|last seen at 07:39 21-01-2020|
|OME2657|YJ19HVH|last seen at 10:21 06-02-2020|
|OME2656|YJ19HVG|last seen at 10:13 03-03-2020|
|OME2669|YJ69DFG|last seen at 08:39 02-04-2020|
|OME2676|YJ69DFV|last seen at 19:15 23-04-2020|
|OME2666|YJ69DFD|last seen at 18:57 09-06-2020|
|OME2671|YJ69DFL|Never appeared in the feed|

This means stop / route prediction data can be inaccurate for the route(s) they normally operate (route 134) as these don’t particular vehicles don’t show up.