Mixed trips from another tube line?

In the journey planner txc data:
I noticed that there are some routes (trips) inside the TxC files related to the Circle line (tfl_1-CIR-_-y05-360130.xml) which have an odd destinations, e.g. “Acton Town - Barking Station” or “Acton Town - Edgware Road (Circle line) Station”.
According to the Circle line station network, Acton Town is not the part of it and belongs to the District line.

Is it a mistake or some kind of a trip going to a depot? I cannot find such destinations on tfl journey planner website.


Yes, these are the depot trains. See https://content.tfl.gov.uk/wtt-36-circleandhammersmithandcity-12-september-2021.pdf for the PDFs which show these with explanations (because the service is combined with the Hammersmith & City Line, trains use the same depots).

There’s also a section at the the end of CULG - Circle Line

“I cannot find such destinations on tfl journey planner website.”

I guess they don’t want to confuse people anymore than necessary.

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@briantist thanks, good to know!

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I would imagine that Journey Planner would give you the direct trip if you just happened to be looking to make the journey at exactly the right time. IIRC that is the case for the (very) odd train that runs from the Rickmansworth direction to Watford.

It doesn’t happen now but in the dim distant past some of the live depot runs for buses went way off route, sometimes via several different routeings.