More generic ArrivalDepartures endpoint?


I’ve been working on consuming arrivals and departures recently, and it would be great if the StopPoint/{id}/ArrivalDepartures endpoint was opened up to the line or lineMode endpoints too. Currently ArrivalDepartures can only be fetched per stop point, and as this is the only way to fetch proper departure data for Elizabeth line and Overground services, it would be great if we could call this endpoint on an entire line (or linemode, doesn’t particularly matter for these 2 as they’re the only lines under their line modes).

This can already be done for the Arrivals endpoint, which can be queried by stop point, line or line mode.

Essentially I am asking for the endpoint:
Line/{lineId}/ArrivalDepartures where lineId is ‘elizabeth’ or ‘london-overground’, and returns a list of Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.ArrivalDeparture entities

Alternatively, assuming there is an open source for this data, where is this data coming from and does that have an option to be consumed by whole line?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@TomK Yes, those of us who live at line terminators such as Statford and/or High Barnett would love for this to be the case!

I’ve been moaning on about this for longer than I care to mention. !

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