Naff Journey Planner info on route 433

Journey Planner seems to be working on the assumption that route 433 is still running to and from West Croydon (try Goldfinch Road to West Croydon). It was cut back to central Croydon last Saturday; to be fair a status update warns of this but there seems no reason for such a long planned change to be mangled by Journey Planner.


I though that it was established that local temporary changes to bus stops are not something that TfL has the budget to manage centrally? Even though this can cause actual distress to real humans.


It is permanent, or at the very least long term. There are new working timetables for the 433 which show the correct new terminus.

I have looked at the 433 timetable as available via the Journey lanner files download available from the London Datastore. This is new from 2nd November (correct) but shows the incorrect old West Croydon terminus. Other routes curtailed from the same date show the correct new terminus on Journey Planner. So I am drawing attention here to a mess up on one route, in the absence of any other pathway to inform TfL.

I have heard (but not witnessed) that some of the curtailed routes are not pocking up at the stops which advance publicity promised they would but that is another matter (and maybe that is temporary).


Hi @mjcarchive @briantist

Thanks for the feedback on this.

It appears that the finalised timetable was not submitted to the Journey Planner team due to a late change of plan.

They are now rectifying this and should be resolved tomorrow in Journey Planner and next week for Open Data via the unified API.