NAPTANs for Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station


Can anyone point me to the codes for the two new Northern Line stations. I’m preparing for the start of enquiries to my fare finder but I’m struggling to find the Naptan codes. I tried on the dft website which suggested that they would be 940GZZNEUGST and 940GZZBPSUST but these don’t seem to follow the normal underground format of 940GZZLU*.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Those are indeed the AtcoCode values in the NAPTAN dataset but Tfl has its own naming conventions. As the published 3-lettter code for the stations are BAT and NIE, I’m assuming they’ll be 940GZZLUBAT and 940GZZLUNIE returns “stop point is not recognised”

whereas finds Battersea Power Station Underground Station returns a Naptan code for Battersea Power Station Pier, but not the Underground station, which is a bit concerning.

Maybe the codes are still a work in progress but the TfL journey planner allows use of the two new stations for journeys from 20th September.

Hi all,

NaPTAN 940 codes are set by the DfT. We did query with them why they broke their naming convention but I’m not sure if we ever got an answer. We use these as the StopPoint IDs.

I’ll check if the 490 codes (which are set by TfL) for entrances will be using our normal format.


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Thanks for the input everyone. Nothing would surprise me concerning decisions made by the DfT, but I guess this forum doesn’t want to get too political.

Just got to wait for the fares to go live now.

Edit: following the link to the stoppoint for BPS does suggest that the entrances follow the same naming convention as the station.

confirmation from my colleagues in Journey Planner team:

4900ZZNEUGST - Nine Elms entrance
4900ZZBPSUST - Battersea Power Station entrance.