New blog post - Cycling data


Read our latest blog post by Technical Architect, Tom Garratt, on the range of cycling data we have made available as open data. We’d love to hear about how you are using our cycling data sources in your products and any feedback on how we can improve them - comment below!


I’ve been working on using the cycle hire journey data, and was wondering if it would be possible to have a data feed that handled historic locations of cycle hire points and possibly also the number of docking points. Quite naturally for a live network some stations have opened, closed and I suspect moved over time but the only data feed you provide is for live app use rather than to help analyse previous usage.

Particular docks left unresolved after finding an old copy of the stations data I’d downloaded a few years back are:
792 Blackfriars Road, Southwark
798 Birkenhead Street, King’s Cross
79 Wansey Street, Walworth

Though it’s not a huge volume of hires (I count 1,102) and use seems to have been discontinued this is particularly important for the pop-up dock (station id 778) which naturally tends to rove a bit. I’ve reconstructed locations for it from social media posts but it is a little less scientific than I’d like.

Lastly, I had sent a message using the system on the API portal to ask a related question about some odd data in the files. I had no response, but believe it to be an issue that should be resolved though not disclosed in a public forum. Is there any other way to raise it?


Any chance of a reply to this? I naively assumed that the fact you issued a press release about this data might mean there was more support for it.


Hi Alex, sorry for the slow reply. I don’t know of any historical cycle hire dock position data, it’s possible that we’ve kept a full history of the feed in our AWS S3 bucket, which I’ll investigate. I’ll also ask the cycle hire team if they have any historical position data they can share.

If you’d like to send your other question to me as a direct message I’ll see what I can do.