New Year's Eve night

The annual top secret New Year’s Eve night bus service farrago continues.

The TfL page for 31 Dec says, with respect to night services
" More frequent buses on some routes

  • A small number of additional day routes will run overnight"

Why not list the routes involved? Preferably before 1st January? You would almost think that the idea is that people don’t use the routes so they can be cut next year!

I know this is not a “data” posting but this happens every year.

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The list is as follows:

34 66 123 129 132 154 158 236 248 274 319 333 355 407 486 W3.

There were plans to run the 301 and 335 and files were produced and added to JP but these have now been removed. The 274 timetable sent to us was defective so will need to be manually changed

Thanks, Gerard. Hopefully you can prevail upon someone to put the info on the NYE page (preferably - for next year - the right side of Christmas!).

There was a 150 Nye WTT a few weeks back but presumably this has bitten the dust as well.

How about extras on the night routes or 24 hour routes which already operate at nights? I found (eventually) signs of extras on JP on 35 108 132 188 N109 but I’ve also seen suggestions of extras on 159 N2 N3 N26 N29 N279 and N551. I’ve seen WTTs for N2 N29 N279 but given the fate of the 150 301 335 that ain’t a guarantee!