Night tube strikes this weekend


Just a reminder about the night tube strike tonight and tomorrow night.

There haven’t been any breakthroughs in discussions with RMT so the strike is still set to happen from 20:30 tonight (until 04:29 tomorrow, then also from 20:30 tomorrow until 04:29 on Sunday).

Worth noting that in the night tube strikes last weekend we managed to run a good level of service on Victoria and decent level on Central, it would be reasonable to expect similar levels this weekend, but nothing is certain. Similar to last weekend, we won’t be reflecting any disruption in our raw timetable data, just our disruption messaging data. Latest strike info available here, I will post on here if there are any big updates (e.g. strike cancelled).

Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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I can’t think of any questions that wouldn’t just be deleted :roll_eyes:

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