Nine elms departures northbound schedule

Hi i have been following a guide to make a departure board using the API data, I was wondering if it is possible for Nine Elms station data to be scheduled more in advance. (Nine Elms Underground Station - Transport for London)

Here you can see many trains scheduled for the Battersea direction but only ever 2 in the northbound direction.

Is this something that can be changed in the API? or am i stuck with this? - (see embankment: Embankment Underground Station - Transport for London)

here we can see the high barnet train which goes through nine elms already listed but it is not shown on nineelms.


Welcome @PieterMeijer

The TfL API is one that shows ARRIVALS and not DEPATURES and is only capable of showing trains that are already in motion.

So, at Nine Elms northbound you can only see trains that have departed from Battersea Power Station Station Station Station.

This is the same for all the stations at the ends of all the lines, and TfL doesn’t seem this to be a problem as 99.9% of the users of their services are in the central areas where the next three trains are “in motion”.

More here Arrivals for terminal stations

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Thanks a lot @briantist.

thats a bit of a shame!

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