No bus arrivals at Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance

Users of my app are complaining that stop 75564 ( H4
Queen Elizabeth Hospital / West Entrance) is not returning bus arrivals which are otherwise returned by the Countdown API.

@jamesevans Can you investigate this issue please ?

Thank you

From memory, isn’t this one of the stops with only terminating services? If so, the Countdown system and TfL API won’t show these buses.

Hi briantist,
I don’t know but if users complain there must be a reason.,StopCode1,LineName,Towards,DirectionID,EstimatedTime,DestinationText,StopPointIndicator,ExpireTime,RegistrationNumber

H4 has through/departing services from 161, 178, 244, 386 and 486. Info shows up just fine on the app I mostly use (London Bus Checker).There is a separate terminating stop (with no badge) on the same side of the road just before it for routes 291 & 469 and I’m also seeing arrival data for that.


Looking at this search for the location does show H4

but the system then shows no active services

If you look at the timetable for the listed services, they don’t actually they do sometimes list H4 such as

So, yes, this would seem to be an backend data issue.

Hi @briantist @nickp

We have identified an incorrect NaPTAN code in the bus systems. They’ve rectified this now and that should propagate in the next few days to allow the correct predictions to be shown.