No bus working timetabl update so far this week

In recent weeks the set of WTTs has been updated in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Of course this is a bank holiday week but it was not done 24 hours later either.

There definitely should be changes; for example the 25 changed operatot.

Still nothing.Any idea what has happened, @jamesevans?

Still nothing.

Bumping this because if the cause is not identified the failure to update will probably be repeated.

Pleased to say we have an update this week.

If it happens again I’ll try and spell “timetable” properly!



Mind you, Mike, it’s dated 22/5/2020, so we’re still a week and a half behind…

Actually, the first WTT I looked at is dated 30th May.

We may be at cross purposes; I am looking at files downloaded from

Specifically, the Friday schedule for route 2.


I get my info from the API, specifically /Line/Mode/bus/Route, which I use as a test to see whether there are database updates to process. The timestamp on this changed overnight/this morning. It may be that tonught’s overnight processing will bump this up another week.