No info for the 174

We are not seeing any info for the 174.

hi @Nicks

This seems to be OK now (assuming you mean arrival predictions)


For the last few days, this route is only showing 1 or 2 buses on it. Currently there is one showing as running, but it’s coming to the end of the route and then there will be nothing (it’s LF70YVH).

I was asked by a user why there’s only one bus on it when there’s normally 20+? I cannot find anything about a change for the route and it seems like it should be running normally?

Probably the wrong schedule has been loaded into the iBUS system e.g. maybe still has the weekday school schedule loaded whilst the buses are actually working to the school holiday schedule.

I see that Bustimes is showing 15 buses out on their map and I believe they’re using the BODS API feed (rather than Unified or Countdown APIs) and that API ignores the schedules and just reports vehicle locations & routes.

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@SJCooper @Mulder - I’ve confirmed this is the case with the 174 schedules. A data fix is due to take effect on Saturday - hopefully that will resolve this issue once more.


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