No JP Datastore update this week

The JP Datastore files have not been updated this week and it is now Thursday! Bank Holiday blues?

This compounds some issues in last week’s upload, where the gaps included some changes which came in last weekend (42 119 264 for example) and some of the Carnival specials, though I appreciate that the LU strike kiboshed many of them.

The gaps can’t be filled from the Working Timetables either. For example the new 42 Sa and Su WTTs are present but not the MF one. This situation is much more common now than under the old system, though maybe it is because the times at which things are done have changed, rather than because of the change of system itself.

It has now been updated. At first glance it appears to have gained a zip file relating to NR/TfL Rail etc services and lost the one replacing to rail replacement services. But that is at first glance only.

Hi @mjcarchive

Apologies - there was a delay in publishing to this due to a shortage of team members available as well as the bank holiday. This should return to normal from this week.