No live arrivals for Route G1

This has been happening for at least the last week

Is there a problem that we can relay a message to our users?

I wonder if the wrong schedule got loaded at the recent service change. I wonder that because a new working timetable appeared on Tuesday dated Friday 6th March, an unusual day of the week for a service change, almost as if a correction was being rushed through. Maybe (just maybe) the initial disconnect stopped arrivals appearing.

But in that case, why is there still an issue after 6th March. Could this be connected in some strange way with the failures to update the Datastore Journey Planner zip file?

I am probably joining things up with the wrong kind of dots but in the absence of any action on the Datastore file in two days and the absence of any better explanation, the mind does tend to speculate.


Hi @jason

The G1 predictions appear to be missing from the source data. I’ll get that raised with the Countdown team for investigation.


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