No live data for 208

We are not seeing any live times for the 208 at any stop.

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No live data for 69.

It looks like both of these routes actually stopped providing data yesterday.

For route 69, we last have Ee53 recorded between 04:30 and 08:50 19/12

For route 208, all we no buses yesterday apart from those completing Sunday night’s service.

We can add…

Route 248
Patchy data, e.g
LT136 working until 11:10
LT141 working between 06:30 and 07:32
LT200 working between 15:11 and 23:30
LT225 working until 06:30
LT226 working until 06:30
Only LT89 recorded between 15:10 and 23:18.

Routes 389/399
SL91 noted only at 13:58 on the 399 and 14:20 on the 389.

And still nothing for the 190…

@neamanshafiq FYI.



Is the issue regarding live data for route 208 likely to ever be resolved?

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Judging from London Vehicle Finder, it has been resolved.