No live times for route 54


The route 54 is not showing up any live times.

Can someone please look into this.


Hi @jason this looks to be working for me.

@jamesevans were there any service outages around the time of Jason’s comment - July 27 2017 at 13:36pm?


@Tim - I’m looking into this at the moment. Although that stop shows predictions for other routes, 54 bus doesn’t appear to be there. I’m looking into the source data to see if there’s an issue downstream.


Ah yes… good point. Thanks! :grin:


My suspicions are correct and there’s an issue downstream. I’ve been advised that there is a defective schedule that should be resolved by our colleagues in London Buses on Saturday.


@jason - it looks like the release on Saturday did the trick - predictions for 54 seem to be there now.