No verification email for API account register


I’m having trouble signing up for an API account. I don’t seem to be receiving any verification emails — I’ve tried with a few different email addresses. Hence, I can’t create an account.

In addition, the StopPoint get request doesn’t seem to work at all — is there something wrong with my URL?

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Many thanks

Welcome @kaikd

Ah you made the obvious mistake of reading the documentation! :slight_smile: The parameters for a GPS location search are “lat” and “lon” as in…$$$$$&stopTypes=NaptanPublicBusCoachTram&radius=600&useStopPointHierarchy=True&returnLines=True&

I guess the obvious question about a missing email is: have you checked your spam folder?

Ah thank you! Got the request working.

About the missing email — I’ve checked, not in spam. My colleague already has a TfL account, so I tried to use his to register for an API key. However, when I click to register an API key, the site opens a form for a split second then redirects to the same registration page.

Has anyone run into this issue?

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@kaikd I wonder if you’ve got a Adblocker running? You can’t use the TfL Contactless site if you have, for example.

I guessed you would have checked your spam…

@kaikd - one of the team is looking into the email set up at the moment to see if there’s any issues.


@jamesevans I’ve also had the same issue

@jamesevans Hiya! I’ve also had this issue. Whenever I attempt to log in, I’m told that I need to use a valid username and password, but when I try to sign up with that same email, an account with it already exists.

Bumping this issue. I still don’t receive a verification email and I can’t log into the API portal.

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In grandmother-sucking-eggs-mode: you have checked your Spam folder?

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Yes I did! The solution was to create a new account, it seems. :frowning:

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@voxa Well, that certainly seems like a good work-around. We are programmers after al!

Good luck with the API. APIs: List - Transport for London - API