Not able to find app id and key

I am new to this. I have created a developer account today and was looking for app id and keys or my subscriptions. But there is nothing there.

Could anyone advise how to get those.

Thanks in advance

then register and ask for a key at

Once you are logged in just click Profile

Then do do bookmark is that page User: Profile - Transport for London - API and click “show” to see the keys

Once you have it it’s the form

  const TFLAPISUFFIX = "app_id=_____&app_key=1_______________c";    
  public const TFLCALLPREFIX = ",overground,dlr,tflrail,tram/status"; // river-bus
        $strTFLurl = self::TFLCALLPREFIX . "?" . ApiConfig::TFLAPISUFFIX;

Just use app_key - as you no longer need add_id. They were 8-character hex strings so use one of those if you like…

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I have to admit that it’s not that obvious where you find the keys

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@zackaryh8 Indeed, thus my several write ups of this kind.

I have asked them to remove the add_id from the documentation on-line but they don’t have the resources to do it, I guess.

hi @briantist - it’s on a very long list!!

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