Notice of Upcoming Maintenance on Developer Portal

Good afternoon,

I hope you’re all keeping well & safe.

The API Developer Portal will be unavailable from 17:00 Friday 10 July and will be redirected to a holding page.

I have produced some FAQs below, but if you have any further questions, please let me know on this thread.



How long will the portal be unavailable?

We are planning for a few weeks, but we will try to minimise this disruption to service.

Why is the portal going to be unavailable?

We are migrating the API management function from a legacy system to a new platform. This will allow us to ensure we decommission end-of-life software and implement new features in Open Data in the future.

To achieve this, we need to limit changes to the dataset.

Will my key pair still work?

*Yes, the keys you have been provided in the past will keep working for throughout the maintenance period and after the platform migration. *

We are however, using this as an opportunity to remove dormant accounts & keys. If no activity has been detected on the key in the last year, we won’t be migrating it to the new system unless that key was created in the last year.

How long will the portal be unavailable for?

We aim to minimise this, but this may be for several weeks.

What do I do if I want to register for a new account & key for access to the Unified API?

The portal will still be available until 17:00 on Friday, so if you envisage that you will need a key in the next few weeks, we suggest that you register before Friday. An interim process will be in place for us to create accounts, but this won’t be instantaneous and further details will be available later.

What if I need to retrieve my existing key?

We suggest that if you don’t have a copy of your key pair already that you log onto the Developer Portal before Friday and take a copy of it before storing it securely. During the maintenance period, you can request a new key too

Will I need to do anything to use the new developer portal after the maintenance period

We will be providing details on how the new portal will work later - watch this space.


Hi everybody,

I just wanted to give you an update on the status of the work we have been doing here.

We completed the work to migrate all the credentials to our new API management platform today and switched traffic in a phased manner moving fully over around 3pm. If you have noticed any issues that weren’t there before this, please respond to this thread and we’ll take a look into them.

You may notice a change in the error response if you hit the rate limit, but you will still be returned a 429 HTTP response code.

The developer portal will remain unavailable for the time being while we work on finishing the development required around that and we’ll provide further details when they become available.


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Thanks. Just so someone says something!

Keep up the good work.

Hi @jamesevans,

I noticed that the API request to find local stop points at a given lat/lon returns an error 404:

This stopped working just after 2pm yesterday. Is this a known related issue?


Hi @nathanodong - we’re looking into this now.


Hi @nathanodong - that’s been fixed now. Can you please let me know if you see any further issues.


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Thanks @jamesevans. Confirmed it’s working again with my application. seems to be down, do you know when it might become available for new registrations? Thanks.

We are planning for a few weeks, but we will try to minimise this disruption to service.

I’m getting a 404 from /Line/Meta/Modes, suspect it may be related to the changes.

And 404 for /Line/Mode/{modes}/Route …
This one’s a bit of a showstopper, as it’s where I get the list of lines to work from. I can skip /Line/Meta/Modes by simply assuming that nothing has changed since last week.

Thanks @nickp - looking at these now

Hi Nick,

I can’t seem to replicate the /Line/Mode/{modes}/Route

e.g. when I make the call below, I get a 200 response:,dlr,tflrail/Route


I agree, but{modes}/Route?modes=bus,cable-car,coach,dlr,national-rail,overground,replacement-bus,river-bus,river-tour,tflrail,tram,tube&app_id=xxxx&app_key=yyyyy,cable-car,coach,dlr,national-rail,overground,replacement-bus,river-bus,river-tour,tflrail,tram,tube/Route?app_id=xxxx&app_key=yyyyy

both fail 404.

Something to do with the length of the request perhaps, or a mode which no longer exists (back to my original post)

Edit: Got it, It’s the http v. https. Still leaves the /Line/Meta/Mode problem

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@nickp - I knew there was something we had missed last week - HTTP! I’ve put in a redirect on the CDN to repoint HTTP requests to HTTPS!

I’ll keep looking into the /Line/Meta/Mode issue!

It seems like you are missing a ‘s’ from the end of your call @nickp is the correct one.


@jamesevans Sorry, typing error in my last post, I’m actually calling /Line/Meta/Modes

no worries @nickp - is that still not working?

@jamesevans Seems OK now, guess it was an http/s problem as well

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